Andrés Escobar - 1989 National Athletic

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Andres Escobar Saldarriaga

(Medellin, March 13 of 1967 - † Medellin, July 2nd of 1994) was a soccer player Colombian, who competed for the national team of his country and in the National Athletic. Known as the football knight for his serene character on the court and his control of the ball.
Escobar was widely known for having been cruelly murdered ten days after the match in which he scored an own goal, in the 1994 World Cup, Front of United States soccer team, leaving Colombia out of the tournament, and that allegedly had caused losses in bets of several powerful drug traffickers. However, many, including personal friends, teammates, and the former coach Francisco Maturana, believe that his death had more to do with the high tension climate within Colombia at the time, and that the own goal played only a minor role.
Escobar is still held high by Colombian fans, being fondly remembered by those of Atlético Nacional. Escobar is known for his famous phrase "Life doesn't end here."

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